Bella Hadid spray-on dress.

On Friday, September 30, fashion history was made at the Coperni Spring Summer 2023 show. In only her underwear and strappy heels, American model Bella Hadid closed the event. A team of painters appeared from the sidelines and sprayed her body with Fabrican, a synthetic fiber that is delivered through a spray gun. Hadid was covered in a white, midi-length dress that looked as though it had been sewn on after a few mesmerizing minutes.

Coperni’s “instant” dress has been compared to Alexander McQueen’s Spring Summer 1998 fashion show, where robots sprayed black and yellow paint on model Shalom Harlow, wearing a ruffled white frock. Despite their differences, both of these iconic moments stunned the crowd with their creativity and presentation. In a statuesque pose before the audience, Hadid sat as the painters meticulously painted her dress. After the fabric solidified, another team member adjusted the sleeves and added a slit down the center to clean up the garment. We have a link of the spraying in action. Click here to watch the art created during this show.

We are excited to see what more is to come with all the new technology that rapidly comes out every year. Coperni is no stranger to high tech. Stay tuned for more of their upcoming projects.

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