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Wearing a wedding dress is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life, but it can be ruined by bad alterations. Fortunately for you, rely on Albert Gerald a tailor shop in New Jersey who can fix any problems with your dress so that it fits perfectly and does not rip or tear during your special day. A good tailor will even make sure that your zipper works properly so that you do not have to worry about this at all!

Types of Alterations

When it comes to alterations, the first thing that comes to mind is hemming. Hemming is the most common alteration and can be done in any type of clothing. If your clothes need a zipper replacement, then you will have to visit a tailor as well. If you have an expensive dress which needs alterations due to weight loss or gained, then you should consider getting it altered at a our tailor shop so that we can help you make the necessary changes without causing any damage on your dress.


A bustle is another popular alteration that many ladies prefer when they want to attend formal events such as weddings and proms. A tailor must create this type of alteration using their skill so that they can get it right without damaging anything else on your gown. Train removal is another type of alteration where a lady may need help with fitting her wedding gown perfectly into her shoes by removing them before wearing them during her special day!

Sleeves are also one of those things which can be altered depending on how long or short one wants their sleeves for example if one wants longer than normal sleeves then he/she should visit an expert who will carefully sew them onto his/her outfit accordingly; however if someone wants shorter ones instead then again he/she has come across the perfect place!

There are a number of different types of alterations which you can choose to get done with your wedding dress. Although

Bridesmaids dresses

Wedding gowns

Mother of the bride dresses

Mother of the groom dresses

Bridal party dresses

the following list is not necessarily exhaustive, it is inclusive of some of the most popular options.

Tailors are not only skilled in the art of sewing, but also possess an eye for detail. While it may be hard to imagine that your clothes could look better than they already do, tailors have been known to make even the most ill-fitting garments become flattering and stylish.

It is important that you find a tailor who is experienced with the kind of alterations you wish to have done. A tailor should be able to recommend alterations based on their knowledge of what can be done with certain types of garments and fabrics.

Let’s take a look at these options one by one before deciding what is best for you.

The first thing to consider is the type of alterations you want done. For example, do you only need hemming or do you want a whole new look? You can get your dress tailored by adding straps, taking them off and even having it re-sewn in order to slim it down or make it longer.

  • Hemming: This type of tailoring usually involves shortening the length of a garment. The hem can be raised slightly from its original position to create volume at the bottom, but this method should not be used if there are lace details on your gown as they may get damaged during this process. It’s also important that no more than ¼” (0.64cm) of material is removed from each side so that neither seam nor fabric becomes too thin when sewing back together again.* Zippers: Adding or removing zippers on garments are some of those minor changes that can transform an outfit into something completely different so take advantage while shopping online for wedding dresses! If adding one doesn’t require any other alterations then it’s best done before trying on because once fitted properly there won’t be any room left around where we could sew one later without having made alterations ourselves.* Buttonholes: This type of alteration has become very popular lately since everyone wants something unique about their wedding attire; whether it’s changing up color combinations or just swapping out old buttons with new ones (or vintage ones), these little details make all difference! However since most custom orders don’t come with buttons pre-installed we recommend asking us beforehand if there will be enough space after cutting away excess fabric from their dress – otherwise we might end up making extra holes somewhere else instead (which would hurt both aesthetically speaking as well as financially).


Your dress should be hemmed to a length that is appropriate for the wedding. If your dress is too long, it can get dirty or caught on things. A tailor will make sure that your hem is straight and even, free of fraying and tucking in any loose threads.


A zipper is a common problem that can be fixed by a tailor. It can be difficult to put on and take off, but it’s even harder when the zipper doesn’t function properly. A professional service will be able to make sure that your dress’s zip works perfectly every time, so you don’t have to deal with any problems at all.

If you feel like your zipper needs replacing, an experienced tailor will be able to do that too! Many dresses need their zippers replaced altogether instead of being fixed because they’re unable to work anymore after years of wear and tear.


The most important thing to remember when seeking alterations is that you should never be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Having a good relationship with your seamstress makes all the difference when it comes time for making decisions about what needs fixing and how best to do so. For the best alteration please give us a call! 7322535021

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