Finding the correct Prom Dress Shirt


You know the saying: success is all in the details. And when it comes to prom, that’s especially true. A great dress shirt can make or break your look, so we’re here to help you find the right one. Below, we’ll go over what to look for in a dress shirt and how to make sure you get one that fits perfectly. Let’s go!

Check out the collar.

One of the most important parts of any dress shirt is its collar. There are many different styles and sizes available, so make sure you know what you want before you buy.

The collar should be the right size for your neck: it should be snug enough to stay in place but not so tight that it causes discomfort or pulls at your skin. If the collar feels too loose, consider going down one size on your next purchase–and if it feels too tight, try going up a size instead!

Go for a slim or regular fit.

When you’re looking for the right prom dress shirt, it’s important to consider the fit. A slim fit is more modern and flattering than a regular one–it will show off your body in all the right places. The slim-fit shirt can also be worn untucked, which is another plus if you’re going with an unconventional style (like wearing your pants low on your hips).

If you have a smaller frame, go with a slim fit; if not, then stick with something more relaxed like regular or relaxed-slim (which has slightly less tailoring).

Make sure it’s a quality brand.

You want to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. And with dresses, that means getting a good quality shirt.

The first step in buying your prom dress shirt is to choose a brand that has a reputation for making high-quality garments. Many well-known brands will have been around for decades–they’ve established themselves as leaders in their field by producing stylish, functional apparel that lasts through many wears and washes (and even keeps its color!).


Get your size right.

First, you’ll want to know your measurements so that you can find the best fit for your body. If you’re shopping online, it’s important for the shirt (and other clothes) to be slightly bigger than what you think of as “your size.” This will allow for shrinkage after washing and drying. It’s also helpful if you have a friend with similar measurements who can try on the shirts with you–but if not, don’t worry! There are plenty of guides online that explain how each measurement works:

  • Chest: Measure around at its fullest point with arms relaxed at sides and slightly bent forward.* Waist: Measure around natural waistline.* Back Length: From nape (top) of neck down spine along center back until it reaches base of spine (bottom).

You can find a dress shirt that fits you perfectly and looks great on you!

  • Don’t buy a shirt that’s too big. If you’re shopping for a dress shirt and the size of your body is not quite right, don’t go up a size just to make room for your shoulders or stomach. You’ll have extra fabric hanging around your midsection that will make it look like you’re wearing an ill-fitting costume–not something professional or flattering at all.

  • Don’t buy a shirt that’s too small either! It’s tempting when looking through racks of shirts in shops because they’re all neatly folded and stacked together with tags still attached, but if you try one on and find out it doesn’t fit properly yet there isn’t another option available on hand (because most stores won’t let you try anything else), then don’t get stuck with this purchase by defaulting back down again either — just walk away! There are plenty more options out there waiting for us online anyway…


We hope you’ve found the information in this article helpful. We know how important it is to look your best on prom night, so we want to help you find the right dress shirt for your special occasion! If you still have questions about sizing or anything else related to dress shirts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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