Get a suit like James Bond – A guide to the perfect tailored fit.

What is a well-fitted suit?

A well-fitted suit is one that has been custom-made to fit the body of the wearer. Good tailoring will take into account the shape of your body and ensure to bring out the best features in you. A well-fitted suit is not too tight, but also not too loose. It should be comfortable to wear, with no restrictions on movement, but also flattering to your body shape. One of the most common mistakes many individuals do when choosing fit is to focus on the way a jacket fits on the torso (Slim fit). The first thing you should be considering instead is how the jacket fits on the shoulders. Shoulders should not be too snug or the lapels on the chest will crease and that is a no-no.


From the way you hold yourself to the way you interact with others, your posture and demeanor are indicative of your confidence level. If you walk into a room looking strong and confident, people will be drawn to that positive energy. In other words: Body language matters.

When it comes to posture and how you carry yourself in a suit (or any outfit for that matter), here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Shoulders should be relaxed and not hunched—this will help keep your chest open so that when sitting down or standing up straight, there is no strain on your neck or back muscles (which can cause discomfort).

Jacket length and shoulder proportions

When you’re looking for a suit, the first thing to consider is what kind of jacket cut you want. That depends on whether you want it to be classic or modern. If your goal is to find a timeless style that will never go out of fashion, get yourself a single-breasted 2 button suit with a peak lapel mainly used in social occasions. This type of jacket was first popularised by Cary Grant in the 1960s and continues to look sharp today because it has all the hallmarks of classic tailoring: long length, high armholes, and straight shoulders.

If however, you prefer a more contemporary cut then opt for one with notched lapels (or even double-breasted) where there’s no break between waistcoat/tie/shirt and trousers – this creates less bulk around the midsection which is often seen as flattering on taller men or those who are slim but have broad shoulders and hips like Tom Hardy or Daniel Craig

Sleeve length of men’s suit

Very simple! Right around the wrist line. Your dress shirt should show 1/4 inch while wearing the suit jacket.

Trouser length

You may be thinking that trouser length is a simple issue, but there are many options to consider. The right trousers should fall to just above your heel when you’re standing up straight for a traditional look and a looser-fitting pair of pants. Above the ball of your ankle for a modern medium-no break when wearing slimmer-fit pants.

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