How To Choose Suit Accessories

Your suit accessories like pocket squares and cufflinks can take your entire look to whole another level. This suit accessory guide will help you and show you how to pick ’em. 

I have read a quote once that said “a man makes an outfit his own with accessories” and I couldn’t have agreed more. 

Without suit accessories, a suit is nothing more than a jacket and pants. Coordinating accessories like your pocket square and tie may seem tedious, but it is the primary way for you to show your personality and style, and it also helps you to set yourself apart from all the other people wearing a black suit at the event. 

What is your style like? Are you traditional? Are you modern? Are you edgy? Choose the right accessories and let them do the talking for you. We will cover the major categories in this guide, and show you the basics of making that suit your suit. 


Table of Contents

Pocket Squares
Cufflinks & Tie Clips
Shoes & Socks
Belts & Suspenders


Fit > Accessories

Accessories are obviously a very important part of any formal outfit, which is why we put so much effort into designing and picking unique options for everyone. But accessories alone can’t make up for a bad fit. 

If your pants are just a couple inches too long, those beautiful shoes you picked out aren’t going to look great, if you can even see them under all that fabric. Any tie or bow tie is going to look sloppy if your dress shirt is too big around your neck. That’s why we don’t just stop at a great design – we make sure your suit fits your body perfectly. 



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