Mens fashion – casual hats to match this summer


Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t rock a hat! Here are some of our favorite hats to go with your casual wardrobe.

Summer beach hats

Summer hats are perfect to show style without trying too hard. They’re also known as casual hats, and they often come in straw. Beach hats are available in many colors and can be a great way to add color to your outfit. Beach hats are also a great way to protect your face and neck from the sun!

Panama straw hats

The Panama hat is a type of wide-brimmed straw hat that was originally made in Ecuador and Panama. The hats are woven from the leaves of the toquilla palm, which results in their lightweight, breathable nature. As such, they can be worn in a variety of different styles for different occasions.

  • The most traditional way to wear this style is with the brim folded down so that it covers your eyes; when you want to see without obstruction, just lift up the brim and peek out! This is perfectly suited for events where you need some shade but don’t want to take off your hat entirely (e.g., weddings).

  • Another popular way is simply by wearing it as an accessory for a fun beach bar day or BBq’n with the family in the yard.


If you’re looking for a hat that will make you stand out in a crowd, fedoras are the way to go. They can be worn as part of a casual outfit or with evening attire and will always look chic. The best thing about fedoras is that they come in so many different colors so it’s easy to find one that matches your taste.

If you have trouble finding the right hat, there are lots of places online where you can buy hats from reputable brands such as AlbertGerald

Bucket hats

You’re not alone in your love affair with the bucket hat. In fact, it is one of the hottest fashion trends of summer 2019. If you’ve never worn one before, now is the time to get on board! They are such a versatile accessory and can be worn with any outfit that needs an extra dose of coolness.

Bucket hats are available in a wide array of colors and styles (including some higher-end versions made out of leather). A more casual look would be achieved by pairing a bucket hat with shorts, while something more dressy could be achieved by pairing it with chinos or khakis instead.

Bucket hats are also great for keeping your hair out of your face during activities like beach volleyball or golfing – two summer pastimes that require all eyes to be on you!

Hats are the perfect way to spruce up a casual outfit.

Hats are the perfect way to spruce up a casual outfit. Wear one for an instant style upgrade on an otherwise basic look, or mix things up with a hat and sunglasses combination that can be worn at night. The possibilities are endless!

Summer is the best season for wearing hats, since they keep your head cool while also adding some extra flair to your outfit. Even if you’re not going out in public, you’ll want to wear one around the house or while running errands—especially if it’s hot outside! Here are some styles we recommend:


We hope our suggestions have been helpful! Of course, this list is not full. Our goal is to give you info about the most popular types of hats that you can try out for the summer. We also recommend that you use some of these as a jumping-off point to start experimenting on your own. Our goal is to make sure that you have the best-looking summer possible—so don’t be shy about mixing things up and testing out different styles. After all, fashion should be fun! If you have any questions please feel free to click on the “Chat with us” at the bottom right of this page or call us by clicking the phone banner at the top of this page.

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