Prom Season


Prom season is almost upon us! Proms are a great way to celebrate your school and friends. While prom dresses can cost thousands of dollars, there are ways to get the look without breaking the bank (or the planet). Here’s everything you need to know about prom season:

Prom is a time for celebration.

Prom is a time to celebrate with your friends. It’s the last big event before graduation, so it’s important to make the most of it! You can show off your style, dress up, and dance the night away at prom.

Prom is at the same time of year, every year.

Prom is a yearly tradition. It’s an opportunity to show off your fashion sense, dance moves and have fun with friends. Prom is also a time for celebration–whether you’re celebrating graduation or simply being with the person you love on this special occasion!

Prom has details to consider.

  • What to wear: It is important to pick out a dress that you feel comfortable in, but also make sure it’s appropriate for the event. If it’s an outdoor prom, then don’t wear anything too revealing or short. If it’s an indoor prom and there will be dancing, make sure your shoes are comfortable enough so that you can dance all night long!

  • Who to go with: This may sound obvious, but who do you want as your date? If someone asks if they can take you and/or your friends say yes! You never know what might happen if they ask again later in life! Also remember that sometimes people change their minds about going on dates so be careful about getting too attached early on in this process…

Prom is about looking good and feeling good.

  • Make sure your clothes fit well. This can be especially tricky for girls, as many dresses are designed to be figure-hugging and will show any flaws in your shape or size. If you’re not comfortable wearing a certain dress, don’t force yourself! There are plenty of other options out there that will look just as great on you, even if they don’t come from a designer label.

  • Make sure your clothes are comfortable. You want to look good at prom–but not at the expense of being uncomfortable all night because of poor footwear choices or tight garments that chafe against sensitive areas like underarms or waistlines (or whatever).

  • Don’t go overboard with revealing outfits; remember who else will be there! If everyone else has chosen conservatively but one person shows up wearing something too sexy (or revealing), then suddenly everyone feels self-conscious about how they look compared with this one person who decided it was okay for her body type/age group/gender identity…and so on down the line until everyone feels terrible about themselves because someone else decided what was appropriate based solely upon their own preferences without considering anyone else’s feelings beforehand.*

Prom is an opportunity to show off your fashion sense.

Prom is a chance to show off your fashion sense. You can wear whatever you want, from a tuxedo to a dress. The only rule is that it has to be appropriate for the event and not offensive in any way.

You can be a prom princess or prince by wearing fashionable clothes made in a responsible way.

You can be a prom princess or prince by wearing fashionable clothes made in a responsible way. You don’t have to spend a fortune on new clothes, either–you can look great without hurting animals or the environment, or people for that matter.

You might already know that some popular brands use cheap labor and materials sourced from toxic factories overseas. But did you know that these same companies often abuse animals without any regard for their welfare? Or that they treat their workers like slaves? If not, now’s your chance to learn more about how these companies treat their workers as well as their customers!


Overall, prom is a great time to celebrate. It’s important to remember that you can be a prom princess or prince by wearing fashionable clothes made in a responsible way. For all prom inquires please give us a call! 

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