The Perfect Prom Dress Fit

Its Prom Time 

It is time! Prom dress season is here. How can you determine your ideal prom dress fit? To achieve your ideal look, find the right prom dress size for you, whether you want a figure-flattering A-line dress or a form-fitting gown. Take your dress measurements to minimize the need for costly prom dress alterations and you will be ready to go prom dress shopping.

Be sure to keep your prom shoe choice in mind when choosing your prom dress length. It is especially important to ensure that prom heels do not make the dress too short for you. The added height of prom heels can either save you from having to alter the hem or make the dress too short for you. From the top of the fabric to the hemline, there will generally be a measurement for the dress’ length.

How to get the perfect fit

There is also what is called a “hollow to hem” measurement. The length of the dress is measured from the base of the neck (where the collarbone dips down) to the hem. Keep in mind that this estimate may vary based on body type. When a figure is curvier, the fabric will hug more places, and the hem will be higher. When choosing the prom dress length, consider your body shape and your prom shoes.

The majority of dresses are made with factory fittings to fit most body types. An altered dress can make the difference between being glamorous and nice-looking. Is it possible to alter your prom dress?  Prom dress season is one of our busiest times of the year. We have accumulated over 10,000 hours of experience tailoring  dresses. You may hear from retailers and seamstresses that some dresses can’t be altered. AlbertGerald’s master tailors have developed techniques to alter LITERALLY any prom dress no matter the complexity of the garment.

Get your Prom Dress tailored with us

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