What to wear & what not to wear at a wedding


Weddings can be incredibly fun and exciting, but they can also be nerve-wracking. You never know what the dress code is going to be, or even if there is one! This guide will help you navigate what kind of clothing to wear at a wedding so that you can concentrate on celebrating with friends and family members instead of stressing about your outfit. We

Choose fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, like cotton or linen.

  • Choose fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, like light wools, cotton or linen.

  • Wool and Cotton are natural fibers that are soft to the touch, easy to wash—and can be worn over and over again without fraying or fading.

  • Linen may have a more formal look than pure cotton but it’s still just as easy to care for. You’ll also find it in several different weights: light (like a summer dress), medium (like a sweater), heavy (like an upholstery fabric).

Avoid anything that is too tight or baggy, too bright or loud.

Avoid anything that is too tight or baggy, too bright or loud. If the wedding is casual then it’s best to be dressed in something you would wear to the office. However, if it’s formal then don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt; instead, find a nice blazer to wear over an elegant shirt or even just a tie.

Avoid anything that is too short (mini-skirts) or too long (dresses that are longer than your knees). You want something that will flatter your body type but still be appropriate for where you’ll be going after the ceremony ends!

Accessories will be your friend here.

Accessories are a great way to add color and pattern, so don’t be afraid to wear something bold. They can also be a great way to personalize an outfit, or even just make you feel more comfortable. Maybe you need some sort of warm hat because it’s freezing outside, or maybe you want to add interest with an accessory that doesn’t match anything else in your outfit. Accessories are there for all occasions!

As long as your accessories are appropriate for the occasion and tasteful (i.e., no fanny packs), then go wild with them!

Weddings may require you to dress up/down depending on time of day and location.

Weddings may require you to dress up/down depending on time of day and location.

In the United States, weddings are typically held in the evening when guests are expected to wear formal attire. However, a wedding can also be held in the morning or afternoon (such as an afternoon wedding brunch) so that guests can arrive fully dressed for that occasion. Formal attire is more common in warmer climates; informal clothing is more common in cooler temperatures and during colder seasons of the year.

Informal weddings allow for more casual attire than formal weddings.

Informal weddings are more relaxed than formal weddings, and the attire is based on the time of day and location of the wedding. As such, there are less rules about what to wear. For example, if you’re going to an informal daytime wedding in summer or fall that’s being held at a park or beach location (or any other location where shorts are appropriate), you should feel free to wear shorts or capris.

Informal nighttime weddings allow for slightly more casual attire than daytime ones do. We say “slightly” because it’s still important not to go over-the-top with your outfit choices; this isn’t a nightclub! But if there’s no dress code mentioned on your invitation (which is fairly common), then you can choose whatever clothing makes sense for the event without feeling too overdressed or underdressed.


Wedding season is here and it’s time to get ready for all the parties, weddings and celebrations! We hope this article helped you make sense of what kind of clothes are appropriate for different types of weddings. Remember that it’s not just about what you wear but how you feel in them too. If it doesn’t feel right then don’t force yourself into anything! ‘

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