The ultimate classic staple for a man was and always will be a great fitting black suit. Black is after all -not only for ladies- timeless; it works well for all hair colors and skin tones and it transcends time.

Classic black, however, can look dated if you do not get the tailoring right or if you are styling a black suit with questionable shirt color combinations. This blog is a guide for you to better understand how to combine a black suit with tie and shirt to ensure you are looking anything but boring.



The most obvious, but most classic combination; You can never go wrong with a black suit and a white shirt. You have to be careful with the choice of your tie, because this is where most people mess up. With such a traditional color combination it is always recommended to go for ginghams, plaids or checks in colors like black, emerald, muted purples and powder blues for a soft and simple, yet effective touch up of your traditional black and white look.

EXTRA TIP: keep your hands away from shiny materials as they will only bring unwanted attention.




A brighter but still classic version of the white shirt is the powder blue shirt. If you pair your blue shirt and black suit combination with black and white printed accessories your colors will automatically align visually and you will achieve a more nuanced look. Despite the fact that a black suit and a light blue shirt always represent a simplistic look, a solid black tie will also work just as well. You can also try out different textures, like velvet. Other tie colors that will work for this combination as well is deeper blues like cobalt or a vivid indigo. If you opt for colors like this, you will approach a more playful look.



If you chose to go for a black on black look be cautious about it, because it does not suit all gents, and the proportions need to be fitted the right way for it to have the right distinction between the different clothing items of your look. Typically, the all black look works better without a tie, but if you do decide to wear one, just stick to black. Stay away from matching your black on black suit and shirt combo with other colors because this can create a messy outcome.





When speaking of purple shirt, the color lilac should actually be the one you elect when pairing with a black suit. Simply because it will offer you a lot more freedom when it comes to matching a tie with your shirt. A bolder colored pink tie can work only if they are not too over the top. Deeper plums, violets and warm mauves are also worth a try. If you aim for darker purple color tie combining it with the lilac shirt can be a little trickier but it can work if you do it well with a more traditionally printed tie. This will lend your look a bit more dimension. 

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