Dress Codes: The Complete Guide for Men

Dress Codes: The Complete Guide for Men

Just like the the smell of your favorite restaurant, dress codes can point you and your outfit in the right direction. But understanding dress code definitions is only the first step.

If you ever ignored a wedding or party dress code before you know how awkward it can be if you show up in the wrong outfit. Which brings us to finding the right look for your dress code, that's is probably why you are here anyways. 

We have put together the most common dress code types, with ideas to help you style your outfit and look your best for each code. Find the dress code for your event down below or check out our FAQ section all the way at the bottom for answers to general questions about different dress codes. 



The most formal dress code most of us will at some point need to follow. This is not the time to take creative liberties and risk to be standing out at the event in a negative way

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The dress code that gives you the false choice of either wearing a tuxedo or a dark suit. Read this, so you don't fall for it. 

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Is it your first time at a red carpet even or are you just looking to turn heads at your holiday party for your company. Either way, we have got you.

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Dress Codes FAQ

What are the different wedding dress code types?

Couples have a lot to consider when they are choosing their wedding dress code. Thing like wedding style and theme, venue, season and what time the wedding will take place have all a major influence on the dress code. That means literally everything is on the table, from the low-key cocktail attire to the super formal black tie wedding. If the wedding is around the major holidays, you might even get an invite to a festive attire wedding. 


Why do guests have to follow the dress code?

We know that it can feel like an unnecessary hassle to track down a tuxedo if an invitation asks you for it. But always keep in mind that the host of the party is doing you a favor by setting the expectation. The clearer the dress code, the smaller the chance for you to stand out for the wrong reasons. 

What should I wear if there is no dress code requested on the invitation?

It is always best to take a conservative approach to wedding cocktail attire (blog coming soon), you will be in a good position whether it turns out to be a casual or a formal wedding. For almost any other event, whether it be business or social your safest bet will be cocktail attire (blog coming soon).

If you get an invitation to a "no-code" event it is not expected from you to show up in a Tuxedo. You should not have to guess and decide whether they want you to come dressed in a Tux - this is why we have dress codes to begin with.


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  • Dear Al,

    Thank you for your comment, we are very happy that you liked the article. If you need to get your tuxedo altered, feel free to bring it in and let our master Tailor take care of the alterations.

    A white tuxedo works very well for formal daytime events, summer events and beach weddings. White works during times when light colors are appropriate (spring, summer), so try to avoid wearing it in winter. Unless, of course, the invitation says “white tie event”.

  • Excellent article. I’m saving it for any future events. In fact, it reminded me to take my tuxedo to the dry cleaners, etc. Question: When is wearing a white tuxedo jacket appropriate (i.e. evenings, summer)?