How Important Is Your Tailor?

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 Picture yourself as a consumer for one second. Lets say you have a health related surgery that needs to be performed in order to save your life. A procedure such as a life saving surgery will make anyone worry. So what do you do? You start asking as many questions and wanting answers from someone who knows what they are doing. As your laying in the hospital bed the first thing that separates the staff are the scrubs and white coats. immediately you put more trust and direct your attention towards the white coats due to your understanding of a white coat representing greater knowledge and capacity as far as your health concerns.

 Well the same applies to you in a business meeting, sales pitch or in general persuading an individual or group to your product, service or idea(s). If your consumer sees you as a very trust worthy knowledgable person due to your appearance and knowledge of course, they will be more inclined to doing business with you. It is important to understand just how crucial garments and clothing can direct a sale or a more trust worthy interaction to a more positive outcome. Here is why!

 Clothing and fabrics are not just to cover up the body.

 Since earlier times. Clothing was directed to identify a certain society or group. Besides its main purpose of keeping us covering the body and keeping it warm or cool. Clothing has played a huge role in determining those of higher ranking and those of lower rakings. For example: Doctors and Nurses. Managers and Employees, Etc. 

It is a Natural Dosis of Confidence.

Dressing for success is a confident booster. It brings so many benefits such as an increase in productivity, more self confidence, and it portrays success which leads to encouring individuals to trust you. There has been many studies that have proven clothing makes a difference in both personal and business scenarios. Wall Street Journal and other companies have  written multiple articles on this matter.

Everybody is different.

Every human body is different. we all come in different shapes, postures and heights. Clothing is manufactured in a general size which means a fit all or try to fit majority of population. Here is where your tailor comes in and takes your regular clothes and make it  fit to you and only you. Whether is through adding a shoulder pad on one side to equalize the shoulders height or shortening suit sleeves to prevent you from looking like you are wearing your daddy's suits.


There are different things to look at when you wear something that helps you determine what needs to be improved. Visit an experienced tailor to help you reach the perfect look you need to have. After all no one wants to be just another person in the room we, all want to be looked at as the best.



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  • Larry S on

    Do you make custom tailiored pants for
    Men. I have a hard time getting a good fit when a buy pants. I shop at big and tall stores.

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