About us

The Master Tailor.

The Rivera obsession with fashion and appearance was the drive to start the company. The master tailor Hilda began working as an industrial fashion designer at a very young age. Hilda worked for 3 of the biggest companies in the country as the master tailor after she received her degree in industrial fashion design in Costa Rica. Hilda learned several skills and tricks  to make custom clothing fit perfectly for everybody. After Hilda Diaz moved to the United States her dream of starting her own business was in full effect. Working for one of the biggest menswear companies in America, JOS.A.BANKS, quickly built a strong reputation due to her amazing quality work. Hilda became a highly demanded tailor in Central Jersey.
In 2008, The Rivera family registered the business "A&G TAILOR SHOP & FASHION DESIGNS" in a small shop in Edison, the "A&G" honoring Hilda's two children Albert and Gerald. It did not take long for Hilda to became highly demanded by many residents nearby due to her excellent work and experience she brought to the table.
After an excessive amount of work and the success the business earned in such small amount of time, The Rivera Family embarked on a new adventure.  
The name of the business changed. "ALBERTGERALD" was born in a bigger and better location, selling only high quality 100% wool suits as well as Custom Made Suits and Dress shirts. 
Albert, the older son, has taken over the business with one goal in mind "To Provide the Best Quality Garments at the Lowest Price Possible". That is exactly what AlbertGerald offers their customers today. We have connected with the best manufacturers from all over the world and continue to establish new relationships to further offer our clients better products.
Thank you, for being a part of the experience.