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AlbertGerald Master Tailors 

Today's reality of clothing is that it does not fit every type and body shape. It is not as flattering as it should be.

A good tailor will offer you honest and professional advice on how a garment has to fit your body. A MASTER TAILOR understands different styles and fabrics and knows how to make the clothing drape on your body perfectly. A master tailor will manipulate or create clothes to correct poor body posture, asymmetrical shapes and bring out the best qualities in a person. This is the craftsmanship we are, MASTER TAILORS.

Our master tailors know how important it is to make a garment fit and feel like a custom made clothing item. Skip the dry cleaners or department store tailors – they are always in a rush and simply do not give your garment the care that it deserves; You will be amazed what differences a professional tailor can do for you.

At ALBERTGERALD, we offer quality and impeccable tailoring with careful dedication toward the highest quality results. A to your body tailored garment with a professional fit will make you look and feel like a new person!

Hilda Diaz, the Master Tailor with over 25 years of experience, studied abroad and obtained her degree in industrial design at The National Institute Of Learning in Costa Rica. The true magic behind Hilda's skills are that she has the knowledge of making any clothes look like they never got altered. Hilda has been the master tailor for Jos. A. Banks, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, BeBe and other companies prior to venturing on her own. Hilda has lots of experience and is ready to help you create a new custom made garment or tailor your clothes, tightly securing seams to adjust to the curves of the body and using the right materials to perform long lasting alterations.