• Prom Dress Alterations

    The Big Event is Almost Here: Discover the Perfect Prom Dress Alterations at AlbertGerald!

    Preparing for the big event can be a whirlwind of activities: ordering accessories, scheduling hair and makeup appointments, and most important part, finding the perfect dress.

    So, you've purchased the ideal gown at your favorite retailer - fantastic! But now comes the crucial question: where can I find prom dress alterations near me? Prom dress alterations are essential to ensure you present the best version of yourself on this unforgettable night.

    Introducing AlbertGerald: Your Go-To Destination for Expert Prom Dress Alterations!

    AlbertGerald specializes in prom dress alterations, providing a perfect fit that will make you feel like a star on your special evening. Our professional dress tailors understand the importance of prom night and work diligently to offer the finest prom dress alterations possible for you to show case elegance and glamour. Trust our team to transform your gown into a stunning masterpiece that will turn heads and create lasting memories.

    With AlbertGerald, there are no horror stories you hear daily about dry cleaners and inexperienced tailors ruining your prom dress days before the event or not finishing alterations on time. Our expertise and personalized service guarantee that your search for exceptional prom dress alterations is over.

    So why wait? Visit AlbertGerald today and experience the magic of a perfectly tailored prom dress that takes your style to new heights!

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Prom dress tailoring details, where it counts

A great fitting dress is great but a dress tailored specifically to your body is paying attention to detail. Getting your prom dress altered is guaranteed to bring out the most confident, collected, and well put together version of yourself.

AlbertGerald tailor dress alteration shop has 30+ years of experience and we specialize in prom dress alterations. We are your number spot for tailor dress alterations. Avoid horror stories at unexperienced locations or dry cleaners who offer tailoring as an extra stream of revenue. Call today and talk to Master Tailors who specialize in one thing, Prom alterations.

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Services for prom alterations:

For Women:

Sides in.

Hem shorten.

cups addition/removal.

Shorten straps.

Open/close/create dress slits.

Literally any customization thinkable in your brain we can do it.

And more.


For Men:

Sides in jacket.

Shorten Sleeves.

Taper Sleeves (make more slim)

Waist in/out pants.

Taper legs (make more slim)

Pant hem.

and more.