Blue Wedding Dinner Jackets

Whether you are planning a formal or semi formal wedding reception, you should still consider wearing a blue dinner jacket look. A dinner jacket look is a tuxedo that matches black tuxedo pants with a blue jacket, and can sub in for a full matching tuxedo in most situations. So it really just comes down to which look you prefer. The matching look or the contrasting look.



If the full blue shawl tuxedo above was a stretch for your style or personality, you can bring the whole look back down to earth with one simple move: matching the jacket with a pair of classic black tuxedo pants.


The dinner Jacket attire is an excellent choice for an outside wedding, as you will stay cooler in a jacket than a full on black tuxedo. 

Black and white accessories really let the jacket drive this look, but if you’d like to sneak in a little color, think about a monochromatic blue bow tie.

Recommended Blue Jacket Tuxedo Accessories:


If you are looking for a fashion-forward alternative that still adheres to the traditional tuxedo standards, a deep blue pin dot tuxedo jacket will do the trick. The colors are serious, but the pin dot pattern gives it a very modern twist. 

Pin dot patterns show personality, but it is still low-key, especially when paired with classic tuxedo accessories. During the daytime, the jacket will bring out more color, whereas in the evening it will be a little more difficult to notice whether the tux jacket is a deep blue or black.

If you want to stand out down to the last bit of outfit, choose a velvet loafer with the dinner jacket look. 

Recommended Midnight Pin Dot Tuxedo Accessories:


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