Blue Wedding Tuxedos

Whenever an invitation calls for a formal wedding attire, you know it's time for a tuxedo. The most obvious and easy choice would be a standard black tuxedo. And even though nothing is wrong with that, there is another option. The second option is definitely a lot more out there, but the bold blue wedding tuxedo option in a variety of shades and styles will make a statement and help you stand out over all the other black tuxes running around. 



The midnight blue wedding tuxedo partially gained its popularity on the red carpet. But you don't have to be an A-list celebrity in order to wear and rock this look. 

Midnight blue is just as formal as a black tuxedo, so you are actually able to wear this for a black tie wedding. 

If you are unsure about what type of lapel you want to wear, here is a little tip for you; The shawl lapel is a little more of a modern type of lapel, while the peak lapel has a more traditional touch. If you are on the shorter side, and you are looking for an outfit that will make you appear a little taller, go for the peak lapel. This lapel design will draw the eye upward, helping you look (and maybe even feel) a little taller. 

Recommended Midnight Blue Wedding Tuxedo Accessories:



Weddings in the spring and summer call for colors on the brighter side; perhaps a lighter shade of blue? A blue shawl wedding tuxedo isn't quite as traditional as the previously mentioned blue wedding suit, but it sure will turn heads. 

Reign in the look with classic tux accessories, or work with subtle patterns—a pin dot bow tie or bold-print pocket square.

Recommended Blue Wedding Tuxedo Accessories:



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