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Clothing Alterations are the key to having a complete wardrobe.

Having a stylist is a luxury that not all people can afford. But you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a stylist to help you look more put together. With us the stylist is free.  Our fashion experts have learned fit, fabric, colors, designs from our Master tailor Hilda, you can rest assured that our suggestion comes from a reputable fashion expert that understands timeless fashion.

Any old garment that you already have in your closet will look significantly better when it fits properly.

If there is an item you really love it is always worth altering. Tailoring your garments is the best start of reinventing your closet. You will be able to go shopping in your own closet by having alterations done to your clothes. 

Here are some alterations we do to casual items such as T-shirts, Jeans, Skirts, Jackets, Sweatpants, Hoodie's, Denim Shirts, Leather Clothing, etc.

  • Take in or let out waist:

Many people experience trouble with the perfect fit when it comes to the waist line. However, there is a solution to this problem, we can easily take in or let out the waist of your pants to ensure a perfect fit. 

  • Shorten a shirt:
Taking up the length of a shirt a half inch can make a huge difference, as a too-long shirt  can overwhelm a petite frame and tends to look sloppy if bunched up. On most simple tops, you can ask our Master tailor to add a curved, shirttail style hem instead of a regular straight one. This will create a more interesting, flattering silhouette. This alteration also allows you to tuck tops into clingier skirts or pants with only minimal bunching.
  • Take in a shirt at the side seams:
The golden rule for any alterations is that if there is a straight seam on a garment there is pretty much fair game for an alteration. If you own a blouse or a shirt that is a little too boxy for your body frame, swing by the store with your top and let us take the sides in and turn your plain fitted shirt into an excellent fitted shirt according to your body type. Remember tailoring is always catered especially to your body. 
  • Take up shoulder seam or shorten straps:

The mother of all alterations for those of you with a short torso. If you find that many of your garments hang down a little too low in the front and on the sides, it is likely due to the shoulder seam being too long. A good shoulder fit is very important, since it improves the look and feel of your entire garment by a lot as it automatically raises the front and back neckline along with the shoulders. 

  • Hem a pair of jeans or pants:

A simple hem on a pair of pants will make a huge difference on your appearance. Just a few inches off the bottom results in a clean, sleek and fresh line from waist to floor. 

Many people think shortening the hem of jeans is totally out of question because it is too hard to replicate the original hem due to stitching details. But truth is, if you have the right tailor who understand fabric, material, stitching and more it is very much achievable. We can perform a type of tailoring known as Original hem where we take the original hem of your jeans and put it back once we adjust the length of your jeans.  

Let us hem your jeans and make them fit properly and look as if they came from the store that way!"

  • Add darts:

Darts are most commonly used in blouses or dress shirts to improve the fit at the bust-line, but can be just as useful fo shape a pair of pants or a skirt, especially for those who have a very tiny waist and who want to fill the gap between the back and the pant or skirt.

  • Slim down sleeves:

Tapering a wide sleeve is another alteration that doesn't cost a ton but makes a huge difference in how your garment looks. When a sleeve is too loose, it usually indicates that the armhole is too big as well. We can take it in all the way from the armhole down to the wrist or only until the elbow, depending on how you like it to fit.

  • Taper Legs:

Similar to tapering the sleeves, your pants can be slimmed down as well. No matter if it's your favorite pair of jeans or sweatpants that are simply too voluminous, our tailor can easily trim a bit of excess volume along the garment's inner and outer seams, resulting a more flattering, streamlined silhouette.

  • Replace Zippers:

Do you have a favorite winter coat or jacket, a pair of jeans or skirt but don't wear it anymore because the zipper is broken? Bring your garment to the store and let us fix your favorite piece. There is no need to let your jacket rot in your closet or even worse, through it out. 

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