Casual Groom Suits

The words "casual" and "suits" might seem to be polar opposites, especially if you do not wear suits a lot. The difference between a formal navy suit and a casual true blue suit might not be apparent, but it is actually pretty simple: you want your style to match your wedding style, and certain colors play better at a casual wedding than others. 



Think summer, beaches and ocean; This is casual. In fact, it is so casual that it can be worn without socks and a tie. But let me be very clear: Whether you decide to wear socks or not, always wear shoes. Even if your wedding is on the beach. 


The light grey suit is almost as chill and laid-back as the tan suit. We often describe the light grey suit as "whimsical", and it is hard to find a better match for a spring wedding. Almost any color matches with the light grey fabric, which makes it so easy to personalize your own look. Light grey and tan are both at their best for daytime, and warm weather weddings. 


For a minimal-effort way to give your look some personality, choose a blue groom suit. The fabric's rich color complements bold and low-key accessories alike. If you are going for a more subtle look, try to cary shades of blue among your suit, tie, and dress shirt. The blue suit is ideal for a late afternoon, early evening ceremony. 


The medium grey suit is a safe bet for any casual wedding. Like a light grey, medium grey matches up with whatever color combos you throw at it. This grey suit works especially well for a casual evening wedding. It is an understated choice for a groom suit, but that can be a good thing since you wouldn't be one of many.