Cocktail Attire for Special Events

Cocktail Attire for Special Events

Did you get an invitation to a special event with a cocktail attire dress code? The first thing you will need to decide is the vibe of the party; is it a fashionable party or is it more of a traditional tone. If you land on "traditional", you will want to follow most of the guidelines we laid out for wedding cocktail attire (read more here). However, there will be a few exceptions, like you don't need to worry about upstaging anyone on their wedding day, so skip the conservative options like a plain white pocket square and dark suit colors. 


A light grey suit isn't flashy, but because it lets your accessories shine, it is an extremely versatile piece. Same goes for the french blue suit. It isn't quite as toned down as a navy blue suit, but still not flashy. 


If you are thinking of wearing a more colorful, patterned tie, a white dress shirt will serve you well. 
Otherwise, a solid color shirt like this light blue number is a good choice that complements just about any tie or pocket square.


Even if the colors of the neckwear get a little more interesting when it comes to the men's cocktail attire, the principals stay the same as for special events. Unique textures and patterns like knit ties or linen ties will cover your neck the right way. 


Bold colors and unique prints are a smart move. Either one of the suits recommended above would look great with a pop of fresh orange or yellow. 


Black and brown shoes with a texture such as a wood sole or suede will look phenomenal. Don't be afraid to pair black shoes with a blue suit.