Fall & Winter Groom Suits

Fall can be a very tricky season to dress for, but it can get especially difficult for your own wedding. You set the date and purchase your suit ahead of time, but it is really unpredictable whether it will be warm or frosty. You can mitigate some of these seasonal uncertainties by planning on a vest, and ditching it if it is too hot. Winter on the other hand is pretty simple; stick to the darker colors and thinker wool fabrics. 



You could wear a medium grey suit in the spring or the summer and look great, but this shade of grey works especially great with fall and winter textures and colors. (for example with knit ties). This grey suit isn't too dark, so a solid choice for a toasty fall day. 



For fall weddings that start in the evening, navy is the most perfect groom suit. In the winter, you can get away with this dark suit color during the day time as well as the night time. It is a little more formal than a grey suit, but it is still pretty easy to accessorize a navy suit to dress this look down.


Late fall and early winter are often a bit too cold for an outdoor wedding, which is why we recommend the black suit for the colder months. We mentioned before that a black suit can look a little harsh in the context of a wedding, but you can soften a black suit by accessorizing it with muted colors, or even brown shoes.


Similar to a navy suit, you can tone down the formal feel of a charcoal groom suit by wearing a necktie rather than a bow tie. Oddly enough, adding a vest can make this suit feel a little more approachable. Otherwise, black and white accessories will dress this suit up into the black tie optional dress code category.