Do I receive a confirmation email with a tracking number?


Yes, all orders that are processed should receive a confirmation email containing their USPS and/or Fedex tracking number. Tracking numbers are usually received within 24 hours of the purchase, if you do not receive a confirmation email please contact: info@albertgerald.com.






What happens if I do not receive my package?


If you are checking your status of your package and it states that there was an attempted delivery, this means your local post office may have the package in their possession. In which case, you should promptly contact them to retrieve the package. If it is not picked up or redelivered to your address within a week, it will be shipped back to our warehouse location.






How do I contact Customer Service?


Our Customer Service team is available Monday through Friday from 10 AM - 7 PM EST. During these hours, please feel free to reach out to us by calling or by emailing info@albertgerald.com. For any inquiries after business hours, we will contact you the next business day.