Fashion-Forward Men’s Cocktail Attire

Fashion-Forward Men’s Cocktail Attire

If this invite feels like more of a get together part to look awesome, choose a suit in a vibrant color, or with a defining characteristic, combine it with a tie that works with a colorful suit, a dress shirt and dress shoes, maybe even loafers. 


You know yourself best, so only you can tell how comfortable you would be in this attention-grabbing rose suit. It is bold, but if the event you are attending is fashionable, this suit makes a great and bold statement. If you are more the subtle kinda guy, try an emerald suit. 


When your suit is grabbing all the attention keep the shirt simple. For a seamless look maybe try a hidden button, fly-front shirt. 


Same "rules" apply here. When your suit does the talking - let it speak. You don't want your tie to compete with your suit, so either chose a subtle color, or skip the tie altogether. 


Sometimes, a low-key choice is the right way to go. A simple printed pocket  square, or one that creates a monochromatic look is great place to start.


We recommend the most comfortable shoes out there: Loafers. If you have trouble choosing what kind of loafer you want, think seasonal: velvet loafers are great in cold weather, where as patent and grosgrain a great for warmer weather.