Did you get invited to a Holiday party? Think outside the ugly sweater and Santa suit. Festive attire is not meant to jingle—it's meant to mingle. Read on to catch yourself up on festive holiday attire and get creative black tie ideas.
Most of us will never wear creative black tie attire unless we get nominated for an Oscar or get invited to the hottest event of the year, the Met Gala. If you are in that position please tell us how you did that! 
But if you are not invited to any of those big events, don't worry there are still plenty opportunities to show off your style. Especially during the holiday season you can flex your style on all the party guests. To get your fit right, you need to get familiar with the festive cocktail attire for men.
Festive Attire Dress Code Definition
With non-stop holidays stacked on the calendar, November and December are the two most festive months of the year. Celebratory, merry and joyful months. Your look should mirror that festive feeling if you get an invite to a party that is requesting festive holiday attire.
Soooo, ... should you just through on an ugly sweater and call it a day? While some people do celebrate Christmas in cozy sweaters, that fit doesn't quite show the kind of enthusiasm you would associate a Christmas Party with festive holiday attire dress code with. You will most likely feel underdressed, which means it is better to aim higher.
Think of festive attire as a version of cocktail attire that's unique to the holiday season. Wearing a suit, or a tuxedo for a more elevated occasion, will land you very high up on the best dressed list. When it comes to festive attire, the biggest question is how to work color and fabric pattern into your look. Are you thinking of something more low-key, like navy blue, black or gray, or are you trying to set a more bold statement in colors like forest green or burgundy?
Festive Attire for Men  
One very important thing to know is that there is more than one way to put a look together. For our purpose, we are approaching this from one of two schools of thought: pattern or color?
Colors like ruby and emerald work well for a festive dress code. Red and green feel on-brand for a holiday party even tho it might be seen by some people as stereotypical. Events during the cold season are also great opportunities to use different textures like velvet in your look. 
Now that we talked about color, let's move on to pattern. Patterns like tartan and gingham might seem a little much and intimidating, but putting any of these looks together isn;'t quite as complicated as you might think, and the reward is high. You can either go full pattern, or combine a patterned jacket with solid pants to tone it down a bit. Going with solid pants is a more safe and classic choice. 
Creative Black Tie Dress Code Definition
To make it easy to understand what Creative Black Tie Dress Code means i put into a very simple definition version for it: Wear a tuxedo, but like ... it has to be an interesting one.
That pretty much means you can show your personality via tuxedo, shoes and all the necessary accessories. If it is a creative black tie wedding invite, the bride and the groom are pretty much challenging you to outshine them at their wedding. If it's not a wedding that you got the invite from, we are probably talking about some version of a red carpet event, like a Gala or an awards show.
Creative Black Tie Attire for Men
Again, we are going back to the basics to choose your outfit. Are you leaning more toward a flourish of color or are you more into pattern?
If festive attire calls for rich color, creative black tie is the time for a more vibrant hue. That doesn’t necessarily mean your tux has to be loud but it definitely can. Remember the creative black tie attire lets you be yourself in any way. 
If you are completely overwhelmed with this attire, you only need to glance at recent red carpet best-of lists to know that a full tux in one unique color is an expert move. I listed a couple of looks below that hold their own without the busywork of patterns. 
However, if you are a big fan of busywork, and if you know how to coordinate it, then this is the perfect time for you to wear it. If you look at the Leopard Tuxedo below you can see that it has just as much in color to offer as in patter, but the pro tip here is to keeping the pants simple in black. Same goes for the Grey Patched Tuxedo.
But remember: Be Yourself, Crazy is encouraged and definitely celebrated! 
You don't have to be cultural royalty to feel and look like a king on New Year's Eve, Christmas or any other occasion that calls for Festive attire. That's why we carry a very unique and unexpected collection full of amazing suits and tuxedos when you need to light up, without dropping a paycheck.