Formal Groom Suits

You might be planning a traditional wedding with a classic, old-school vibe, but you don't think a tuxedo would fit your vision. That's totally fine- you can dial in a timeless, classic look by wearing the right type of suit and accessorizing it accordingly. 



You might be a bit confused if you have just read the "casual groom suits" guide. We know that we listed the grey suit under casual suit options as well. But that is simply because a grey suit can literally do it all. Take a grey suit into a formal territory by wearing black shoes and a bow tie with it, or a necktie and a vest. Grey is also a good option if you are planning your formal wedding during the daytime. It's not too dark, but also not too bright. So it works perfect during the day.


The navy suit plays very well with color, but if you are looking for a formal look, you will have to keep the color of your accessories to a minimum. That's what makes the navy suit such a smart choice, since color is built right into the fabric. That color is what keeps a formal look interesting (the same reason french blue tuxedos are such a popular alternative to a black tux). 


This suit provides that serious black and white vibe, but the fabric offers some visual texture that softens the wya your whole outfit looks together. Keep playing around with texture with your accessories as well. Try a cotton or a linen tie rather than a silk or satin tie, or a matte leather lace-up rather than shiny patent leather shoes. 


This is as formal as a suit could possibly get. The biggest problem with dressing a black suit up with formal accessories for a wedding is that you wouldn't usually use a lot of color in your choice of accessories for a dressed-up look. However, color is what makes this suit work as a groom suit. Unless, of course, you are aiming for a Johnny Cash type of look. If that is the vibe you are going for, then you should go simple in black and white.