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The Best Tailor Shop in the United States 

AlbertGerald is a family-owned and operated tailor shop, providing the highest quality alterations on suits, dresses, leather goods, pants and other everyday wear since the year of 2009 - a fashion house headed by our master tailor Hilda Diaz. 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we know how to fit the modern Lady and Gentleman properly. 

With just two measurements from you at home, we can tailor your clothing items in our own state-of-the-art workshop located in New Jersey without you stepping into the shop once. 

Forget the tape measure, and the many fittings; simply drop off your clothes at your local post office with our prepaid label and you can receive your clothes back as fast as the next day (excludes shipping time which is usually 2 days) or regular turn around of 9-10 days. Most tailors require two weeks turn around time.


The First and Only Online tailor in the United States

We are  proud to announce we are the only tailor based in the United States who offers online tailoring. 

The reason this is possible and not done by any other tailor before is due to our superior skill set, excellent understanding of body dimensions, and break through technology software we have developed and adapted into our business model. 

You can now have your garments tailored to perfection by our elite tailors who have over 30 years of experience regardless of your location in the country. 


- place your order with us by selecting alterations desired from menu. Choose Ultram slim fit, slim fit, or modern fit.

- open link sent to you via E-Mail to capture body measurements

- fill in your information (to create a ticket)

- take a front and back body picture

... and that's it!

. Some of our clients¬† organizations such as PGA Golf Organization, Jazz Sensation George Clinton, Club Monaco, Profound co, Bebe, Armani, Nordstrom and one of our new athletic clients whose name we are not allowed to disclose but it rhymes with lemon ūüć謆

Master tailors with 30+ years of experience.

Junior Presidents Golf Club Members

George Clinton


Two simple pictures are all we need for your measurements.

We take all the hassle out of getting clothes tailored. We use the latest in algorithmic technology to capture over 80 measurements with just two pictures of yourself, so no more wasting time with a tape measure! Most importantly avoid errors this way. Simply drop your clothes at your local post box/office using our shipping label, we tailor your clothing items to your liking and we'll ship them back to you. That's it! Our software is accurate.


AlbertGerald doesn’t store, keep, or save photos under any circumstances. After the photos are processed, they are instantly deleted from our servers. Our software is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. We highly value and respect the privacy of our customers.

We will never store your photos as soon as you submit pictures and measurements are taken. The pictures are automatically deleted leaving us only with two essential tools. Your measurements and a 3d faceless body shape of you, based on your pictures. This is so we can best follow tailoring practices to best match your body dimensions, Cool right?


How to actually take pictures


Satisfaction Guaranteed - You will look good or we'll make it Right.

You no longer have to worry about your hems dragging on the ground, waist being too lose or your sleeves pulling up too short. Once we have received your photos, we will make adjustments to the pattern of your clothing and then hand-make it according to your measurements

If you are not satisfied with your order and the way your clothes fit after the alterations, we will make it right at no additional charge. If you find that we made a mistake, we will re-tailor the garment for free. 

We guarantee that if we don't make something right for you within two weeks, we'll refund all of your money back!

For Dresses, same services apply but you will have a zoommeeting to determine cost and alterations needed. Call now or click "Chat with us" at the bottom right of this page to get your questions  answered in real time.

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