Grey Groom Suits

When it comes to hair, going grey is a very scary thing. But when it comes to suits, going grey can be a great thing. With endless ways to wear a grey groom suit, it is an amazing look no matter the season or time of your wedding. It also works perfect for any wedding dress code (expect the really formal ones where a tuxedo is required), but with a little extra attention to detail, you can dial up the perfect shade of grey for your wedding. 


The best shade of grey for the spring and summer are the light grey tones, and they are also a great option for a daytime wedding. The light grey color will absorb less heat than a darker shade (like charcoal) and it will keep you cooler throughout the whole wedding. If you are planning a formal wedding, you might be better off in a darker shade of grey since light grey is one of the most casual groom suit colors. 


The grey suit works best for fall weddings. This type of suits are all about versatility since they match with just about anything, which means you can accessorize a grey suit for a formal wedding or you could easily dress it down for a more casual vibe.



The dark fabric of a charcoal suit means it's well suited for the colder seasons like fall and winter, or any evening wedding. If you are leaning more toward a formal wedding, or if the previous sentence sounded like it would describe the vibe of your wedding, the charcoal suit could be the suit for you - charcoal is on the formal end of the suit color spectrum.

If you are following along, you might have picked up on the hint that the lighter the suit color, the more casual it is, and the darker the suits, the more formal they are. Ultimately, you are the one who dictates how dresses up and formal your look is going to be through the accessories you choose.