Prom Alterations

prom alterations


The big event is almost here! running errands to get ready may look something like this. Accessories are already ordered, hair and make up appointment is already scheduled in. The main and most important part for this special evening is the dress! You bought the perfect dress at your favorite retailer? Great! next is very important, prom alterations!

Keep in mind this is just not any night and simply buying a dress that fits great will not showcase to your peers this is the best you you are presenting on this night.

Detail where it counts! 

Time and time again you hear outstanding figures such as Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, etc. say the following; People who put emphasis on detail will most likely succeed in life. Prom alterations are no different. A great fitting dress is great but a dress tailored specifically to your body is paying attention to detail. Getting your prom dress altered is guaranteed to bring out the most confident, collected, and well put together version of yourself on this night and any event in the future. 

AlbertGerald has 30+ years of experience and we specialize in prom dress alterations. Avoid horror stories at unexperienced locations or dry cleaners who offer tailoring as an extra stream of revenue. Call today and talk to Master Tailors who specialize in one thing, Tailoring.

Services offered for prom alterations:

For Women:

Sides in.

Hem shorten.

cups addition/removal.

Shorten straps.

Open/close/create dress slits.

Literally any customization thinkable in your brain we can do it.

And more.


For Men:

Sides in jacket.

Shorten Sleeves.

Taper Sleeves (make more slim)

Waist in/out pants.

Taper legs (make more slim)

Pant hem.

and more.