Prom Tux Accessories: Ties, Shirts, Shoes and More

Prom Tux Accessories: Ties, Shirts, Shoes and More

Once you’ve chosen the perfect tux, it’s time to fill in the gaps in your prom outfit with these accessories.


Sometimes the most obvious choice is the right choice. Pair a black bow tie or necktie with anything and you will be fine - I promise. 

Pattern Black and White
If you chose to wear a solid black or a midnight blue tuxedo, try a tie with a pattern in black and white. Don't be scared to mess up - it is really hard to mess this up. 

Colorful Neckwear
A little color can be a good move, especially if you are trying to match it with your dates dress, but it can be easy to overdo. If your tie is colorful, keep your tux and shirt black and white.



White pocket squares look good with everything, and they make every tuxedo look just a little more formal. 

Black and White
You can get a lot of use out of black and white pocket square. Try a simple or unique design, or even just a shoestring detail.  

Colorful Pocket Squares
Remember what we said about colorful ties? Same goes for your pocket square. Keep your tux and shirt simple if you choose colorful accessories.


Dress Shirt or Fly-Front Shirt
Wearing a white or black dress shirt is a low-key move that leaves enough room for your tux or tie to shine.

To get a sleek and modern look, try to pair your tuxedo with a fly-front shirt. If you don't know what this shirt looks like, it is the kind that hides your shirt buttons. 

Tuxedo Shirt
If you are trying to elevate your look without going full-on formal, the tuxedo shirt with a lay-down collar and pleated front is your best choice. The lay-down collar with the pleated front screams "Relax, it's just prom. However, I came to steal the crown and your girl while dancing tango all at the same time". (jk- don't steal anyone's girl)  

Wing Tip Shirt
Please, only wear this with a traditional tuxedo style if you decide to go with the wing tip shirt. To be completely honest with you, this type of shirt is probably a bit too serious for prom, but hey, you do you! Fashion is here to express yourself, right. 


Patent Leather
These shoes are an easy go-to when you are wearing a tux. 

Cap Toe Shoes
A sleek cap toe shoe demands just enough attention. This pair adds variety to your look without upstaging your look.

Velvet slip-ons or grosgrain loafers will bring your look from 0 to hero real quick. If the weather is right, leave the socks at home and let those ankles see some light. 


A tux without cufflinks is like going to McDonalds for a salad. I guess what I am trying to say is live a little and show off some nice cufflinks.