Suit Accessories: Cufflinks & Tie Clips

Cufflinks & Tie Clips

The OG men's suit jewelry; Cufflinks and tie clips. Men's fashion has changed many, many times before and continues to do so, and bold self-expression with suit accessories is trending and highly recommended. If you are not quite ready to go big, you can make some simple and yet sufficient outfit upgrades:


  • Step one: make sure the shirt you are planning to wear has a barrel cuff with two buttonholes instead of the typical "one buttonhole, one button" configuration. We have a wide selection on shirts that are made to be worn either way. Another option would be a shirt with french cuffs, since this shirt will almost always require cufflinks.
  • Step two: choose your style. There are as many cufflink designs as there are suit styles, from very plain and simple to extremely detailed, modern to a little over the top. The great thing about cufflinks is that no matter the style, they won't define your look, but give it some accents. 

Tie clips are pretty similar to cufflinks, however, they are a bit more visible. For that reason, we gravitate toward a more minimal look, especially for events on the formal end of the spectrum.

When it comes to the metal color, we recommend coordinating your gold cufflinks with a gild tie clip, silver with silver, brass with brass and so forth. Obviously nothing is going to happen if you mix metals, but it will just give you a lot cleaner look.