Suit Accessories: Shoes & Socks

Shoes & Socks

Your shoes have a huge impact on your outfit. The classic options are oxford lace-ups or derby dress shoes, and both are great options for formal and casual events. For a more casual look, you should also consider a loafer or slipper. 

If you are thinking about wearing boots, just know that they require some finesse, but with the right amount of confidence and know-how, they can look pretty great. However, most of us will find plenty of options in a lace-up or loafer. Sneakers are either a hit or miss, so if you are a "sneaker freaker", proceed with caution and a lot of fashionable inspo. 

If you are the traditional type of guy, socks won't require much thought. You are probably grabbing a calf-high pair of socks in either black, grey, navy or maybe even a pinstripe subtle pattern. These traditional go-to's cover pretty much every situation. Novelty socks are their own best, and we can only suggest to you that whatever you are thinking about wearing, reduce the intensity by at least 20%. If you have got warm weather to work with, think about ditching the sock all together - practically a requirement with loafers, and a good summer look with any dress shoe.