The Most Popular Wedding Suits of 2019

The Most Popular Wedding Suits of 2019

Getting married can be very stressful, especially when you want everything to be perfect. A part of the perfect wedding is the appearance of the bride and the groom, and there is certain suits that get the nod for a high percentage of grooms year after year, and for a good reason. The most popular wedding suits work well with a wide variety of colors, and more often than not, have a classic color and style that helps everyone look their best. 


The grey suit is the most popular option for a spring or summer wedding attire this year, and it is pretty obvious why; grey complements every other color on the wheel, it is not too flashy, and that is perfect for a lot of grooms. Choosing a grey wedding suit doesn't mean that you went with the boring summer wedding suit choice, it actually means that you can get a little crazy with your accessories if you want without being in danger of miss-matching.  

Not only does a grey suit work with the full color spectrum, but it also is a great choice for pretty much every wedding theme, whether it may be boho or beach. If you have an outdoor wedding a light grey suit is an especially good choice. We know that sweaty grooms aren't always avoidable, but the relatively light color of a grey suit can do a lot to help the situation on a hot and sunny wedding afternoon. 


French blue suits have blown up over the past two years. At first glance, you might assume blue is a limiting color, or a little tricky  to pair with certain wedding colors than a neutral grey suit. Blue works very well with brighter wedding colors since it can tone down those colors a lot. If you are worried about wearing black shoes and a black bow tie, this rich french blue fabric can actually make black fabric punchier, and blue obviously also work excellent with brown footwear.


When picturing your wedding tie odds are that you are thinking of one made of silk. They don't only look luxurious and delicate, but the material is also very durable and it lets fo of wrinkles. These qualities have given silk ties a universal popularity, and perhaps an invite to your wedding. 

Solid-color silk ties will never fail you, but don't shy away if you want to make things more interesting with a patterned tie; Floral print is a huge wedding trend this year for men's neckwear, and a smart way to stand out in that classic blue or grey suit we just discussed.