Velvet, the fabric of the fall, brings that cozy and warm texture to your look during the cold season without actually making you feel uncomfortably hot while wearing it. Much like with a pregnancy belly, people will consider touching your sleeves without asking, which can be fun to watch and gives you an opportunity (perhaps your only opportunity) to say "Go ahead, it's a velvet."

We know that velvet might seem intimidating and a little "over the top" for the typical wedding, especially since it is the complete opposite of your daily denim look, but that's kind of the point. Why would you go through all the trouble of getting all dressed up only to show up and not show off?

We recommend you to style your velvet suit or tux with a plain white button up and a solid color bow tie, since you do not want to take away from the beautiful velvet texture of your jacket. 


If the season's velvet trend is not quite your style but you still want to incorporate it into your outfit, simply pair a classic tuxedo with carefully chosen velvet covered accessories. This will keep your look quite simple with a nice little "WOW Factor"