Wedding Alterations

Wedding gown alteration process

When you are ready for your dress alterations, do not just bring your gown, take your undergarments, shoes and all the accessories to your fitting as well. Bringing all of the pieces with you will help you to envision your overall wedding day look - you should have your undergarments and shoes on hand in order to obtain the proper fit and length of your gown, and your hair accessories or veil will help ensure you have got the right balance. If you do not have the exact shoe you will be wearing for your big day, bring something similar in height so you do not end up tripping over your dress on your wedding day. 


Customize your gown

Whether you found your gown at a couture salon or a bridal sample sale, the options for alterations are nearly endless. We have worked on bridal gowns and are used to reworking fabrics, opening up hems, readjusting sides and can practically redesign a dress to your own preferences. This is particularly common when a bride wants to modernize her mother's gown or simply add her own vision to the garment.  AlbertGerald can use the same fabric but create an updated style for the gown. You can 100% trust us with your dress. The Wedding day is the most important day in a woman's life. Tailors with no experience can potentially damage your garment and complicate your wedding day. Hilda Diaz, the master tailor, has over 25 years of experience in tailoring and remodeling wedding gowns. She knows what your dress needs and she will help you to make your big day a little bit more special with the perfect wedding dress.


Bridesmaid alterations

We offer all bridesmaid alterations, whether you need sides in/out, shorten/remove straps or perhaps shorten the length of a bridesmaid dress, we can perform tailoring on bridesmaid alterations. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.