Wedding Attire for Groomsmen in 2019

Spring / Summer Wedding Attire for Groomsmen in 2019

We have been in business long enough to know that choosing wedding suits for groomsmen is the step that stresses couples out the most (yes, even more than choosing a groom suit). Should they match? Should they wear bow ties? Should they have colorful accessories? As you can see there is a lot to cover on this topic and you can take a deeper look at this in a more detailed blog post (coming soon).


This year couples are leaning more toward formal summer weddings rather than a casual wedding. That goes for the wedding party, too. One of thee bigger trends for 2019 is the 3-piece groomsmen suit; A layered, buttoned-up look that can really elevate the vibe of your wedding. When the jacket comes off while you are busting out those dance moves, a vest will keep the boys looking sharp and taper.