Wedding Suit Trends for 2019

Spring / Summer Wedding Suit Trends for 2019

Let's face it, nobody wants to wear an outdated suit to their wedding and that is why it might help to get familiar with the men's wedding attire that is trending for 2019. Of course you should not chase every trend, especially not if the trends do not match your style or your personality. If 2019's summer wedding suit trends speak to you, give them a shot and run with them. Otherwise, take the looks you like and leave the rest.


The tan suit can take you from the nice little brunch in your parents back yard to a extravagant wedding ceremony in a heartbeat, and you might have guessed it already, it is also super trending for 2019. Tan's earthy and neutral tones work well with any color - even the bright wedding colors that are popular this year. And while tuxedos are the standard for formal weddings, tan suits are a nice change for casual vows. That means in a sea of black and white weddings, your will 100% stand out. 


If you pay attention to the red carpet look at awards shows at all, they are a pretty good guide line of where men's fashion and formalwear is heading in regard of trends. For the confident guy, there is no reason not to display a unique, colorful suit, because colorful suits are a big trend in 2019. These options tend to be on the more formal end of the summer wedding attire, but not as formal as a black tuxedo. 

The rose suit pictured below obviously stand out, and nobody would ever call it traditional. If a full emerald or suit is too much for you, or your bride to be to handle, a dinner jacket outfit might return balance to your force. They match an interesting, ofter colorful jacket with black pants for a unique look tat is easy to style. 



Knit ties are going to take over in 2019 and one of the reasons why is because of their sophisticated look. A lightweight silk knit tie adds casual flair to any suit. The knitted texture creates a nice contrast with the wool fabric of any solid suit jacket. Another trend in 2019 is linen fabric and it does a similar job of creating the subtle textural differences that make your outfit look premeditated.