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Kitonet Cobalt Suit Slim fit

Kitonet Cobalt Suit Slim fit

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Introducing Kitonet Slim fit Cobalt Blue Check Suit - a timeless masterpiece that blends classic charm with contemporary elegance. Meticulously crafted for the modern gentleman, this suit exudes sophistication and confidence in every detail.

The soft and refreshing light blue hue sets you apart, while the premium 65% Tetron/Polyester and 35% Viscose blend guarantees both luxury and comfort. Whether it's a wedding, a business event, or any occasion demanding refined style, this suit ensures you leave a lasting impression. Elevate your wardrobe with the Cobalt Blue Check Suit and embrace the art of sophisticated dressing. Own it now and step confidently into a world of elevated fashion. Dry Clean Only. Pant waist size is a 6inch drop from the jacket size. Midnight Purple Patterned Lining
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