Tuxedos are more formal than suits are, but you probably knew this already, and if you didn’t – well now you know. But what distinguishes the two from each other? We have the breakdown: 


Unlike suits, tuxedos have satin lapels, as well as satin stripes down the sides of the pants. 

Traditionally, tuxedos are worn with a Bow Tie, while suits are meant to be worn with Neckties – but in this day and age, the rules are loosening up and the options of what neck accessory to war with your suit or tie are a little more interchangeable. 

A tuxedo worn with a bow tie usually calls for a pleated shirt with a Wing Tip Collar. You would never wear a pleated wing tip collar shirt with a suit, even if you chose to wear a bow tie with your suit. 

For a suit the options of which shoe to pick are pretty much endless. There are oxfords, slippers, loafers, brown, black, navy, etc. while tuxedos are traditionally worn with black patent oxfords. 

But again, rules are meant to be broken and feel free to branch out more when it comes to footwear, even if you wear a tuxedo. 


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