Bespoke menswear, how it improves your lifestyle.


There is nothing more luxurious than bespoke menswear. The very idea of getting something tailored and made just for you is the epitome of luxury, because it’s the opposite of ready-to-wear which can sometimes be a little bit off and not as flattering as it could be if it were made just for you. The concept of tailoring has been around for centuries, but it is only recently that bespoke tailoring has become a more accessible option for everyone who wants to look good and feel confident in their clothes.

How to choose a good tailor

Choosing an experienced tailor is vital when it comes to creating bespoke suits. The tailor should be able to provide you with a fitting that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident in your clothing. If the suit does not fit correctly, it can ruin your day. Find a tailor who is willing to listen to your needs and do everything possible to make the process as seamless as possible so that you can walk out of their store feeling great about how they did their job.

How to schedule services

To schedule appointments, you must make an appointment with your tailor. At this point, it’s important to be specific about what kind of service you want and when you want it done. Here are some examples:

It could be as simple as hemming a pair of pants or as complex as having multiple pieces altered for a wedding. We recommend setting up an appointment for all projects at least 4 weeks in advance so we can ensure our best work on your garments and ensure no delays in delivery due to unexpected problems or high season. At AlbertGerald we understand urgency therefore the service of “Rush Delivery” is available for an additional cost.

What is the best time to go?

When you go for bespoke, it’s important to have time. To get measured and discuss your needs, look for a good time of day to visit the store. It’s usually recommended that customers are measured at night or during the week since weekends are busy for master tailors. However, making an appointment will take care of waiting in line to be attended.


FAQs on bespoke tailoring services

What is the difference between bespoke and off-the-rack?

Off-the-rack suits are mass-produced and can be found in many clothing stores. These suits are made from a standard size chart, so they may not fit your body type perfectly. A bespoke suit is custom designed for you, so it will fit perfectly on your frame. the construction of the garment is with the use of canva made of horse hair and cotton or other materials rather than glue. a full canva bespoke suit is what defines elegance and high quality.

How long does it take to make a suit?

Depending on how many fittings you need, it could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 5weeks to get your suit ready for pick up. If you’re having multiple items made at once (such as shirts and ties), We recommend getting all of items discussed and designed in one sitting if possible so that we have a full picture of the project and can design accordingly.

There are a lot of reasons you should go to a tailor that can make your life better

When you go to a tailor, you’ll be able to get the best quality of suit. A tailor will know how to make sure that your suit is made from high quality fabric and that it’s well-made. You’re going to have a suit that fits perfectly, looks great on you and feels comfortable.

Also, tailoring allows for customization of the design or style of your clothing which can be very useful if what’s available in stores isn’t exactly what you’re looking for or doesn’t fit into your lifestyle at all.

Tailoring also makes the clothes more durable because they are tailored specifically for each individual person using different fabrics and techniques depending on their personal needs (e.g., someone who needs something waterproof might need different materials than someone who wants something breathable).

Overall tailoring improves value due to its unique ability as an art form rather than just being another store bought item off some shelf somewhere else but also because it gives customers an opportunity not only choose from many options within their budget but also create something new entirely – which brings us back full circle: having access means being able to afford things like this service which then allows us greater enjoyment out of life by improving both our physical health (physically) AND mental health (mentally). When you feel great you perform better!


If you’re reading this article, then chances are that you’ve wanted to try bespoke tailoring, but haven’t yet. It can be daunting to get started with something new, AlbertGerald has over 30years of experience in the industry. We can guide you on your first or next suit purchase. We hope we’ve cleared up some questions for you in the sections above and helped you realize how many benefits tailoring can bring into your life. You deserve clothes that fit well and make you feel good about yourself! If after all this reading, if you still have questions on anything from scheduling appointments to dealing with the process– don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking the banner on the top of this page or clicking “Chat with us” to get your questions answered live. The team here at AlbertGerald is always happy to help!

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