Groomsmen Tux Alterations


Groomsmen, you’re probably getting the tuxedo fitting. Congratulations! It’s an exciting milestone in the wedding process. Even though it may not be the most fun part, think about how good it’ll feel when all your groomsmen are looking dapper at the reception. The next step is to have your suit altered by a professional tailor so that it fits perfectly—no wrinkles or baggy arms allowed!

Groomsmen tux fitting

The groom’s wedding day is a big deal, and as a groomsman, you’re expected to be well dressed. Your tuxedo should fit flawlessly so that you look your best. The best way to ensure that your tuxedo fits properly is by going through a professional fitting at least two weeks before the wedding (or if possible, before).

Groomsmen alterations

If you are purchasing the tuxedos, Groomsmen tuxedo alterations are necessary.

Your groomsmen will most likely not be able to wear their tuxes straight out of the box. Tuxedos need to be tailored, which means there’s a chance that your groomsmen will have to take them to a tailor for adjustments before the big day. This can get expensive, so it’s important that you find out beforehand if your guys are okay with paying for alterations themselves and whether or not they’re willing to pay extra for rush shipping services if needed.

If you plan on purchasing tuxedos from a formal wear retailer (which we highly recommend), since most regular stores won’t have matching outfits or perform alterations. Then it’s best that you check what type of return policy they have in place before placing an order. Some retailers offer free return policies while others won’t accept returns at all once items have been altered in any way (this includes dry cleaning). This is especially important if there’s any chance that one or more of your groomsmen may require alterations or sizing adjustments after receiving their package since they may not want pay full price again just because they didn’t select correctly when ordering initially!

Tux shop

Find a tux shop

A tux shop is a retailer that specializes in selling formal menswear, a great option is AlbertGerald, where they specialize in suits, tuxedos and all things formal wear and tailoring. You can usually find them in town near where you live. If you don’t live near any, try searching online for one near to your area. Ask your friends and family if they know any shops nearby—they may be more familiar with their local options than you are!


We hope you found this post helpful! Happy wedding season to all the groomsmen out there. If you have any questions please click on the “chat with us” link at the bottom right of this page to get your questions answered live.

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