How Should a Tailored Suit Fit?


GOOD  QUESTION! How should a tailored suit really fit? Check out our examples down below of too big, too tight, and just right fits, and learn what to look for when you try on a suit. 

When you try on a tuxedo or a suit, your confidence level should shoot through the roof. That is, however, if your tailored suit fits right. It’s time to stop settling for a “good enough” fit – you deserve much better, and we can show you how to get that A plus fit. 

In order for you to learn how a suit should fit you first have to know where you should look. Whether you are having trouble knowing where to start with the fit of your suit jacket, or don’t know how the long your pants are supposed to be, we will show you what to look for, when it’s bad, and when it’s perfect. 

How should a dress shirt fit?

– Dress Shirt Neck Fit and Sizing
– Shirt Waist Fit
– Dress Shirt Sleeve Length
How should dress pants fit?
– Suit Pant Waist 
– Suit Pant Seat 
– Suit Pant Length & Inseam 
How should a suit jacket fit?
– Suit Jacket Chest & Shoulder Fit 
– Suit Jacket Length 
– Suit Sleeve Length  

Find Your Fit, Your Way

If you know what to look for, there is no reason to settle for a mediocre suit fit. We know how important getting the perfect fit is, and that is why we offer Master Tailoring in our store to make a good fit even better. 


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