How to Pack Your Suit for Travel

Traveling with your suit in your suitcase can be super intimidating, especially if you are supposed to be on a business meeting only a few hours after you got off your plane. 

If you are traveling by car, the solution is pretty obvious; Put the suit in a garment bag and hang it up in your vehicle. But again, if you are taking a plane it is not quite that simple. You have a decision to make: garment bag, or folded into your suitcase? This really comes down to how many bags you want to bring.

  • Garment Bag:

Put everything on a hanger, secure it in the bag and fold it in half. Once you are on the plane you can easily put the folded bag overhead, or politely ask your flight attendant if there is still room in the closet for it to hang unfolded. 

Just know that not every plane has a closet, so if you decide to go with the garment bag, expect to put in the overhead compartment for the entire flight. 

  • Packed In Luggage:

If you have the right technique, your suit will stay just as wrinkle- free as it would in a garment bag. However,  we do recommend to carry-on an important suit (wedding suit), just in case your checked bag gets lost. 

(in case of packing it) 
1. Lay your suit down on a flat surface 
2. Fold the left shoulder back 
3. Turn right shoulder inside out and tuck the left shoulder inside the right one
4. First fold in half length wise, then fold in half horizontally
5. Place the folded jacket in the center of the outstretched dress pants
6. Fold the bottom part of the pants over the jacket and do the same thing with the top part of the pants. 
et voila … just like this you know how to perfectly fold a suit to fit it in your suitcase. This will make your next business trip a lot easier. 

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