The Tailor Shop

Welcome to our tailor shop, where tailoring isn’t just about garments; it’s about igniting your inner fire.

In our tailor shop, we believe that tailoring is not just about clothing; it’s about revealing the remarkable qualities that already reside within you. With over 35 years of unwavering dedication, we’ve mastered the art of tailoring to perfection, and we’re here to help you unlock your inner confidence, courage, and determination.

Whether you’re a distinguished gentleman in search of clothing alterations that radiate sophistication or a fashion-savvy lady looking to reinvent your wardrobe, our tailor shop is your canvas for self-expression. We specialize in clothing alterations for both men and women, ensuring that every garment you own becomes a true reflection of your unique personality.

When it comes to resizing any garment or altering any clothing piece, our craftsmanship knows no bounds. We’ve developed techniques over decades that go beyond mere tailoring; they bring your innate qualities to the forefront.

You see, we’re not just another tailor shop near you; we’re your catalysts for personal growth. From tailor suits and dresses to customizing your entire closet, our dedication to quality and style resonates in every stitch. Experience the transformative power of our clothing alteration service and witness how it can amplify your wardrobe.

If you’re on the hunt for a tailor shop near me that understands the profound impact of tailoring, look no further. Step into our realm of expert craftsmanship, where we unveil the confidence that has always resided within you. 

Clothing Alterations For Men

Hemming Pants: Adjusting the length of pants to ensure they hit the right point on the leg is one of the most common alterations for men. Whether it’s dress trousers, jeans, or casual chinos, hemming helps achieve a tailored look.

Taking in or Letting out the Waist: Altering the waistband of pants, shorts, or even suit trousers is often necessary to ensure a proper fit. This alteration involves either reducing or increasing the waist size for comfort and style.

Tapering Pants: Tapering involves narrowing the leg of pants from the knee down, creating a slimmer and more modern silhouette. It’s particularly popular for dress trousers and jeans.

Shortening Sleeves: Adjusting the length of sleeves on dress shirts, blazers, and suit jackets is a common alteration to ensure that the cuffs hit at the right spot and show a bit of shirt cuff.

Slimming the Body: Men often request alterations to slim down the body of shirts, especially dress shirts or casual button-downs, to achieve a more tailored and fitted appearance.

Shortening Jacket Length: Altering the length of a suit jacket or blazer can make a significant difference in the overall fit and style, helping men achieve a more modern and flattering look.

Cuffing or Un-cuffing Pants: Depending on fashion trends and personal preferences, men may choose to cuff or uncuff the bottoms of their pants, which can be easily altered to achieve the desired look.

Resizing Suit Jackets: Tailors can adjust the fit of suit jackets by taking them in at the sides or back, ensuring a more tailored and flattering appearance.

Adding Darts: Darts can be added to the back of dress shirts or casual shirts to create a more contoured fit, particularly for men with a slimmer waist.

Replacing Zippers or Buttons: Repairing or replacing zippers, buttons, or other fasteners is another common alteration to extend the life of clothing.

Customizations: Redesign your clothes to anything you can imagine, we have the tools and skills to completely redesign any garment.

And much more: Beyond the common alterations listed above, we welcome unique and special requests. Call us now to discuss your specific alteration needs, no matter how unconventional they may seem. We’re confident enough to tell you already, “Yes, we can do it!”

Clothing Alterations For Women

Dress Hemming and Skirts: Adjusting the length of skirts and dresses to ensure they fall at the desired point on the leg, whether it’s above the knee, knee-length, or maxi-length.

Shortening or Lengthening Pants: Altering the length of pants, whether it’s jeans, dress trousers, or leggings, to achieve the perfect fit for their height and style.

Taking in or Letting out the Waist: Modifying the waistband of skirts, pants, or dresses to ensure a snug or looser fit around the waist.

Taking in or Letting out the Bust: Adjusting the bust area of dresses, blouses, or formal gowns to achieve a proper fit, especially for women with different bust sizes.

Tapering Pants and Jeans: Narrowing the leg of pants or jeans from the knee down to create a slimmer and more modern silhouette.

Resizing Blouses and Shirts: Altering the fit of blouses and shirts by taking them in at the sides or back for a more tailored appearance.

Shortening Sleeve Length: Adjusting the length of sleeves on blouses, dresses, and jackets to ensure they hit at the desired point on the arm.

Adding or Removing Darts: Adding darts to create a more contoured fit or removing them for a looser fit, especially in dresses and blouses.

Resizing Jackets and Blazers: Modifying the fit of jackets and blazers for a more flattering and tailored look, including taking them in or letting them out.

Replacing Zippers or Buttons: Repairing or replacing zippers, buttons, or other closures to extend the life of clothing items.

Adding or Removing Straps: Modifying the length or style of straps on dresses, tops, or swimwear for a better fit and comfort.

Taking in or Letting out Skirts: Adjusting the waist or hip area of skirts for a more flattering fit.

Adding or Removing Pleats: Customizing the design of skirts and dresses by adding or removing pleats to achieve a desired look.

And much more: Beyond the common alterations listed above, we welcome unique and special requests. Call us now to discuss your specific alteration needs, When it comes to women’s clothing there are endless options no matter how unconventional they may seem. We’re confident enough to tell you already, “Yes, we can do it!”


At AlbertGerald, we understand that customers often have a range of concerns and questions when it comes to tailor suits and alterations. Rest assured, we’ve taken every measure to address these concerns, ensuring that your experience with our tailor shop is worry-free. Here’s how we’ve got you covered:

Cost: Our pricing is transparent and competitive, ensuring that tailor suits and alterations for men and women fit within your budget. We believe in offering value for your business.

Quality: With years of expertise in the industry, our skilled tailors are committed to delivering top-notch quality in every alteration. Your clothing is in capable hands at AlbertGerald, your trusted tailor near you.

Turnaround Time: We understand the importance of time-sensitive needs. We strive to provide efficient services, and we’re happy to accommodate special requests in as fast as next day or the same day.

Communication: Effective communication is at the heart of our service. We take the time to understand your preferences and needs, ensuring a smooth and clear exchange of ideas. Our high rankings on search engines and contracts with major retailers and organizations speak for ourselves. 

Fit and Style: Our tailors are not only experienced but also fashion-savvy. We can guide you in achieving the perfect fit and style for your clothing alterations at our tailor shop. We understand what brings our the best features in every person’s body type.

Trust: Trust is paramount in our business. Your garments are treated with utmost care, and we offer honest recommendations to enhance your clothing.

Privacy and Security: Your peace of mind is important to us. We maintain strict privacy and security measures to protect your garments and personal information at our tailor shop.

References and Reviews: Feel free to check out our reviews and speak to our satisfied customers. We take pride in our reputation for excellence in tailor suits, dresses and Clothing alterations in general.

Alteration Possibilities: Our team is creative and adaptable. If you have unique requests, just ask! We’re confident we can make it happen at our tailor shop.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not happy with the final result of your tailor suits and alterations, we’ll make the necessary adjustments until you are.