• Making dresses fit tighter(taking sides in)

     If the dress is too loose in general or loose in some areas but tight or fit good in others. We can offer tailoring for specific parts of the dress only. This is possible due to our highly trained tailors. 

  • Shortening the hem:

    It is common that the manufacturers make dress hems extra long so it will also fit the taller customers. Shortening the hem is the most common alteration and we do it to almost every customer that comes to visit us. 

  • Taking in/Letting out the Hips and Waist:

    We all have very unique and beautiful bodies therefore it is really hard to find a dress off the rack that fits perfectly.

    It is a very common alteration to take in or let out the sides seams of a wedding dress. It is usually easier to take the dress in than to let it out but with our expertise level we can add a piece of material on the sides if the dress you bought is too snug. 

    It is very important to make sure that the dress is well fitting on the waist, bust and hips since these are the key points to achieving the perfect silhouette. 

  • Taking Chest in:

    Many store bought dresses are quite generous when it comes to chest size. Most of the time the shape around the chest might need some tailoring so that the neckline won't make a gutter when you look down.

  • Shortening the Straps:

    Some dresses are made with a little longer shoulder straps to make it fit for a wider range of individuals. Shortening the straps is a fairly easy alteration and should definitely been done to guarantee a comfortable fit.

  • Altering the Back:

    A very common alteration is to tailor the back of the dress. You may want the dress to be open in the back or build a lace back to a strapless dress, the possibilities are endless. This is in fact one of our favorite types of alterations as it requires a schooled eye to design and make a plan for the back. 

  • And much more

    We offer a wide range of alterations as well as full customization of dresses. We can take a dress apart and put it back together in any new design you have in your vision. We also offer custom made dresses. Call or book an appointment today!

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Dress Alterations

Welcome to AlbertGerald: The Ultimate Destination for Dress Alterations, Dress Tailor, and Alterations Services!

AlbertGerald, your trusted partner for all your tailoring needs, specializes in dress alterations, dress tailor services, and a wide range of alterations. Our highly skilled Master tailors pride themselves on delivering unparalleled craftsmanship, ensuring that you look stunning on every occasion.

At AlbertGerald, dress alterations are our forte. Our dedicated team of tailors work tirelessly to make sure every dress you wear is tailored to your unique shape. Whether you need a simple hem adjustment or a complete gown transformation, trust our dress alterations services for flawless results.

Our commitment to excellence in dress alterations ensures that your chosen garment always showcases your best self. With AlbertGerald's dress alterations, you can feel confident knowing that your dress will not only look great but feel comfortable as well.

When it comes to dress tailor services, AlbertGerald is your go-to destination. Our experienced dress Master tailors understand the nuances of fashion and work meticulously to provide the most exceptional dress alterations possible. Call Now to get all your questions answered.

AlbertGerald's dress tailors are masters of their craft. With an unmatched eye for detail and a passion for perfection, our dress tailor experts will make sure your garments fit like they were made just for you. Trust our dress tailor services to elevate your style and confidence to new heights.

Our alterations services combine precision and expertise, ensuring that every garment is tailored to perfection. With over 35 years of experience, AlbertGerald has developed our very own techniques to improve fit while maximizing comfort. Experience the difference that AlbertGerald's alterations can make in your wardrobe, and enjoy the confidence that comes with a truly customized fit.

Wedding, bridesmaid, prom, and everyday dresses are one of the most complicated garments we have available today. There are a various styles of dresses such as Aline dresses, Halter dresses, gowns, cocktail dresses, Maxi dresses, Bridesmaid dresses and much more styles. 

These different styles of dresses that are available to the public are constructed very different therefore they required different kinds of techniques when performing alterations to be able to keep their silhouette dry cleaners are simply not equipped with the knowledge required to perform the level of tailoring required for these kind of garment. Dresses must be handled and tailored by a master tailor.


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