Suit Accessories: Belts & Suspenders

Belts & Suspenders

Most suit accessories above are pretty much mandatory for a complete outfit, on the other hand, wearing a belt or suspenders with your suit is optional. In an ideal "suit-world", you would have the suit pant waist tailored to fit you properly without any support. 

That's the ideal world, the world that we can create for you in our tailor shop. But even then you can still wear a belt or suspenders for fashion reasons. 

The obvious choice in most cases is a belt, and you will want to coordinate your belt's color with your shoes. If you don't have a perfect match, just get the colors in the same family, or try to get it as close as possible. 

If you want to give off a more folksy and rustic vibe, try wearing suspenders. They accomplish the same thing, with the added benefit of staying hidden behind closed doors .... i mean, closed jackets