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AlbertGerald Master Tailors vs. Dry Cleaners Tailor

To better understand the difference between Dry Cleaner Tailors and the AlbertGerald Master Tailors, think of this comparison: "A Luxury Car vs a non Luxurious Car". Both vehicles will perform the job of taking you from A to B but the difference is a luxury car will establish a better image and deliver security. The same applies to our craft. Hilda Diaz, the Master Tailor studied abroad and obtained her degree in industrial design at the Top Fashion School in Costa Rica. The true magic behind Hilda's alteration service is that she has the knowledge of making any clothes look like they never got altered. A dry cleaner will cut, fold and stitch your clothing without considering the future of the fabric such as the procedure it takes to prevent the fabric from coming apart once cut. Hilda has been the master tailor for Jos. A. Banks, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, BeBe and other companies. She has lots of experience and is ready to help you create a new custom made garment or tailor your clothes, tightly securing seams to adjust to the curves of the body and using the right materials to perform long lasting alterations.          


We are professional master tailors with over 25 years of experience. We can help restyle your existing garment to give it a fresh new look! Albert Gerald offers couture services. We custom tailor suits for men and women, tailor shirts and gowns, to help you look your best! We work with all types of fabric materials, if you cannot make it to our shop, we offer local home and store visits to measure you and to fulfill your personal requirements.


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Down below is a list of some of the most popular alterations we do for men and women. This is only a short description. If you have any questions about a certain type of tailoring you maybe interested in or curious about and its not listed here, it does not mean we do not do it.



Regular Hem Shorten Regular Hem Shorten
Regular Hem Lengthen Regular Hem Lengthen
Cuff Hem Shorten Cuff Hem Shorten
Cuff Hem Lengthen Cuff Hem Lengthen
Taper Legs Taper Legs
Waist In Waist In
Waist Out Waist Out
Taper Sleeves Taper Sleeves
Sides In Sides In
Shorten Sleeves Shorten Sleeves
Lengthen Sleeves Lengthen Sleeves
Recut Shoulders

Shorten Dress