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Welcome to the best Tailor shop near you. Yes! We are Conveniently located inside Village plaza at 1075 Easton Ave. Somerset NJ. 08873. We are dedicated master tailors with over 35 years of experience. This means we only specialize in alterations for Men, Women, Children. We believe specialty leads to true status of art craftsmanship. 

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Men Alterations

Here is a list of some of the many alterations we perform on

Formal wear alterations:

  • Suit/Tuxedo jackets
  • Suit pants/All dress pants
  • Jacket Sides in/Out
  • Taper pants
  • Remove pant pleats
  • Overcoats/Jackets
  • Dress shirts/Polos
  • Add darts to dress shirts
  • Full customization and much more.

Casual wear alterations:

  • Jerseys/ T-shirts, Skirts
  • Denim/Bomber Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Leather jackets
  • Denim jeans/Shirts
  • and much more.

Women Alterations

  • Making dresses fit tighter(taking sides in)
  • Shortening the hem of dresses
  • Taking in/Letting out the Hips and Waist of dresses
  • Taking Chest in for dresses
  • Shortening the Straps of dresses
  • Pant/Jean alterations
  • Jacket/Coats
  • Blouse alterations
  • Full customization and much more.