Dresses are one of the most complicated garments we have available today. There are a various styles of dresses such as Aline dresses, Halter dresses, gowns, cocktail dresses, Maxi dresses and much more styles. 

These different styles of dresses that are available to the public are constructed very different therefore they required different kinds of techniques when performing alterations to be able to keep their silhouette dry cleaners are simply not equipped with the knowledge required to perform the level of tailoring required for these kind of garment. Dresses must be handled and tailored by a master tailor.

We get asked very often how long it will take to finish dress alterations. This really depends on the extent of the alterations being done, for simple alterations one visit and a week will suffice. Some dresses that require more work or specialty tailoring require about 2 fittings with the tailor. This last session is exclusively for final tweaks and should therefore happen as close to the date as possible.