Suit Styles & Colors

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Find your look with our quick reference guide to men’s suit styles.

Men’s fashion is evolving fast, especially formal wear – maybe even faster than it ever has. That is exciting, but keeping up with trends can be very hard and sometimes feel impossible. Men’s suiting and suit styles haven’t changed that much over the past 100 years, so once you caught up on the basics, it’s easier to spot what’s hot and what’s not.

This cheat sheet covers only the important aspects of suit styles for men. We will catch you up on the suit colors that have (and always will) be a smart choice, the ones that are most popular right now, and offer some tips on how to wear them. 


That’s easy – a suit is a jacket and pants in matching fabric, and sometimes a vest in the same fabric (more on that later).

When we talk about a suit, we are not talking about the accessories – dress shirt, neckwear, pocket square, and shoes – which are frequently lumped into the “suit” term. We will talk about about those things here as well, but they won’t help you understand the differences among suit styles and most popular colors.

Last thing before we move on: Compared to your favorite pair of denim and a t-shirt, suits are obviously formal wear. However, compared to a tux, all suit styles are considered casual.  

Table of Contents

Suit Styles

  • Single-Breasted Suits
  • Double-Breasted Suits
  • Three-Piece Suits
  • Vents, Lapels, Buttons

Suit Colors

  • Grey Suits
  • Blue Suits
  • Black Suits
  • Tan Suits
  • Bold Suit Colors & Patterns




We know, it can be very painful to pass on that insane emerald tux you have been eyeballing, or the perfect double-breasted suit in the right shade of grey, but no matter the style or color, that suit is still a no-go if it doesn’t have the right fit. 

That is why we cary modern suits and tuxedos with high-end fabrics, and always have a tailor on sight to ensure you the perfect fit. If you aren’t quite sure how your suit or tux should fit, read our guide to find your perfect fit




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