How Should Suit Pants Fit?

How Should Suit Pants Fit?

This guide will teach you how your suit pants should fit—from the waist to the ankles—in three simple steps.

A part of getting the right fit for your suit pants is visual, and the other part of it is feel. The more experience you have wearing a suit, the easier it will be for you to understand how your pants should fit. If it has been a while, or if this is your first time suiting up, we will walk you through the three biggest fit points for tuxedo and suit pants: the waist, the seat, and the leg length. 

1.) Suit Pants Waist Fit

Dress pants are usually designed to sit higher up on the waist than a casual pant or denim, and they have less stretch, so they will often fit a little more snug around the waist. When checking the fit of the waist of your pants, it is a good idea to wear a dress shirt that fits you well. You will feel if it is right when the pant waist stays up without putting too much pressure on your tummy or waist. 



If the waist is way too big, you might want to try a smaller pant size. Even though most suit pants have belt loops, and you could theoretically use them if the waist is only a little too loose, you should consider getting the waist taken in by a tailor. This will ensure you the perfect fit for your body type, and it will eliminate that awkward bunch of fabric in the back of you pants’ waist. 


If the suit pants fit too tight in the waist, there are two things you can do. Either you go one size up in the waist, or you bring your pants to a tailor and have them take the waist out. 



2.) Suit Pants Seat Fit

Unlike a slim pair of casual pants or denim, the suit pant seat, hips, and thighs should not bunch up, or cause the fabric to pull. While you don’t want your suit pants to seem like they where painted onto your body, you will also not want them to look super baggy. Ideally you would want to have just enough room that you can steal the show on the dance floor without an embarrassing pant rip. 


If the pockets of your suit pants start to bulge out and look awkward, or it starts pulling uncomfortably at the front of your pant, you should know that your pant is definitely too tight. If that happens, find out if the pant you are trying on is a slim fit pant. If that is the case, the easiest fix would be to switching it to a modern fit or a regular fit version. However, if your mind is set on a slim fit cut, ask the tailor if it is possible for them to let out the seat for some more room. 


If the waist of your pants fits well but your butt somehow disappears, check the fit type. Is it regular? Modern fit? If it is, look for a slim fit cut instead. But again, if this is the pant you fell in love with, taking it to a tailor and having them fix the issue is a great alternative and lets you get your favorite pair of pants appear like a custom made item. 



3.) Suit Pants Length 

When you buy a pair of suit pants, they will most likely come unfinished at the bottom. This will give you the opportunity to decide what type of break (break is the way the fabric rests and folds on the top of the shoe) you would like to have for your pants. 

The most important element of finding the right leg length is your personal preference. Those who prefer a more traditional look might be accustomed to a full break. Some break is fine, but if your goal is a more modern look, wear your pants with a medium break or even a no break. For a no break look, the fabric should just touch the top of your shoe without creating a fold. 


Fit is Everything

Fit is everything. The most expensive designer suit will make your look more of a rube than a dime if the fit is wrong. That is why it is so very important to have a baseline idea of how a suit should fit before you try one on, let alone purchase one. AlbertGerald offers impeccable, high quality service when it comes to altering your suits to the perfect fit for your body type. 


Schedule an appointment today at or simply stop by our location 1075 Easton Ave. and let one of our professionals help you find the perfect fit for you. 

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