Men’s suiting is finally reaching an all time high in trends, with new patterns such as windowpane, checked suits and plaid, and new textures too; How exciting! In this blog post we got all the birds-eye, tweed, donegal and herringbones in here. Check out this mood-board and get inspired for your next suit purchase at AlbertGerald. 


The cold season is the perfect time to layer up like an onion. Wether you decide to wear a vest underneath the blazer or choose to rock a sweater on top of your dress shirt, just know that for the layered look “more is more” is the mantra.  A fedora hat gives the entire look a different feel, and will guaranteed have you stand from the crows. 


Everybody looks great in windowpanes. It’s forgiving and flattering nature pushes this pattern to the top of almost every suit collection. Like actual windowpanes, the suit pattern is not made out of squares, but rather slightly elongated rectangles. This has the effect of puffing up a slim guy and slimming down a larger man. 

Windowpane combos couldn’t be easier. You can highlight the color of the box lines of your suit by wearing a tie from the same color family. If you are looking for a bit more of a casual look, wear the suit with a turtleneck, this is a combo we truly are obsessed with. 


All types of earth tones will always be a trendy winter color. If you want to steer away from the black suit, but still want to keep it on the darker side of the spectrum, this is the mood board you should be looking at. Dark brown, maroon, burnt orange and beige are the perfect colors for this season, and are simple to combine with each other. 


Suits don’t always have to be super formal. You can dress them down a whole lot simply by combining them with a turtleneck. A turtleneck will still give you that dapper look, but it won’t have people think that you are going to a wedding or any other super formal event. 

If you want to go stylish through the cold season make sure you stack up on a bunch of different neutral colored turtlenecks, such as black, grey, white, ivory, etc.

Neutral colors work well with any suit color, texture or pattern. This will make it a lot easier for you to choose an outfit. 





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