The casual-wear wave has been one of the most seen trends in the world of men’s style over the past decade. What once was solely accepted as gym wear is now commonly worn, even in the boardroom. 
These days, the guy in a hoodie and a dad cap in front of you in the line for your daily dose of caffeine might as well be the CEO of a million dollar company. For this you can blame people like Mark Zuckerberg, who swept into California in their sweatpants and gilets, or T-Shirts, eager to identify themselves as different to their overly dressed peers who traditionally sat behind desks in business suits. Mark Zuckerberg and other young tech bros of his were more dynamic and “woke”. They even went so far to swap Oxfords for fun sneakers. The most notable example of this is Jeff Bezos, who went from middle-management shirts and ties to polo shirts, cargo pants.
What are we leading up to, you ask? Well, we are trying to answer a question we get asked almost daily:
What if 95% of college students are underdressed, what should I wear?

 This question is one that many young college students are currently grappling with – how should you dress if you are not comfortable in casual outfits? While your peers might totally love that Justin Bieber kinda style with straggly hair, low-slung track pants and tie dye Shirts, you clearly want something a bit more put together and upright. 

If you just recently asked yourself this question we would take a guess that you are probably somewhere in your late teens or early twenties, in which case, it would be better not to go too far into the stuffy territory since it runs the risk of aging you. 

The Ivy League style of Polo Ralph Lauren is a good reference point here – the American designer has perfected the mix of aesthetic and easy sophistication. So let’s start with one of the brand’s all year rounders: The Blazer

While a blazer might seem like its a bit to officious, a soft-structure, knitted variety of blazer might help break that up stuck look while still being pulled together. Versions in technical fabrics are also easier and more downplayed than structured varieties. Another great way to not being too formal is styling the blazer with a polo shirt instead of a dress shirt. The collar will add a smart element, but it’s still a bit more on the relaxed side thanks to the body of the polo. Likewise, wearing a playful knit or jersey sweater with a blazer is an informed way to lighten the mood. You are a college student after all; there is no need to be all the way dressed up with a dress shirt and a tie.  

When it comes to pants, chinos are probably the most natural option to wear. However, don’t just entirely write off jeans; Selvedge denim is more structured than softer versions, so it has a more crisp shape and form to it, and a dark wash will look more grown up than a lighter one. Match yours with a blazer to ooze preppy elegance.

Also, we recommend you to consider different types of accessories. While your classmates might be okay with “just” a backpack, a handsome leather pouch will set you apart from the rest and make you stand out in a smart way. One in a sleek brown leather worn neatly under your arm will make you look highly sophisticated. And don’t be too quick to write off sneakers, as they are a great multifunctional item. Sneakers have been one of the most consistent items in menswear over the past few years, and have elevated a casual item to new heights. A pair in leather or even suede will stand out and tie your entire outfit together. 

And finally, just to restate a point we already made at the beginning of this post, don’t do too much and be overly formal. You can start wearing that way in a couple of years from now, when you landed your dream job on Wall Street or in your favorite Tech Company. 






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